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Super Bowl Party

Having a great party for the Super Bowl doesn't just depend on the game...

Keep your guests entertained with our printable Super Bowl party games. It's the difference between hitting a field goal, or landing a touchdown!

We Test Our Games

All of our printable games are tested in a party setting to make sure they work, and are fun to play.

It can be surprisingly tough to come up with fun things to do that fits the Super Bowl party theme...  And you have enough stuff to take care of already. That's why we offer ready made, party-tested, great-looking games that you can download within minutes.

One less thing to worry about!

Super Bowl 3-Game Party Pack

Printable Super Bowl Party Game Pack

Great value for money!
Includes 3 Games - 
Super Bowl Trivia, Predictions, and Super Bowl Picture Puzzle
(See details on each game below)

NOTE: Super Bowl 54 Picture Puzzle is NOT included in this 3 pack.

Price: $9.99
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Super Bowl Trivia

Claim to Fame Game

Are your guests real American
Football buffs? Can they name the
players who claim the fame to
20 Super Bowl accomplishments?
Entertain your guests with challenging Super Bowl Trivia. (more...)

Price: $5.99
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Super Bowl Predictions

Are your guests true Super Bowl afficionados?

Then they will still be challenged to predict the outcomes of the
20 questions for this year's
Super Bowl. (more...)

Price: $4.99
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NEW in 2024 - Super Bowl Rebus Picture Puzzle

Printable Super Bowl Rebus Picture Puzzle Game

Decipher 12 rebus puzzles to find the words associated with the Super Bowl. (more...)

Price: $5.99
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Super Bowl Picture Puzzle

Super Bowl Picture Puzzle Game

Decipher 11 rebus puzzles to find the names of winning Super Bowl players and coaches. (more...)

Price: $5.99
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Super Bowl 54 Picture Puzzle

Decipher 8 rebus puzzles to find the names of 8 players participating in Super Bowl 54. (more...)

Price: $4.99
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FREE Super Bowl Squares

Plan to run an NFL Super Bowl Pool? Using the Super Bowl Squares is one of the most fun ways to do it, while giving all players (novices and NFL superfans alike) a shot at winning! (more...)

Price: FREE!
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Why Choose our Super Bowl Games?

We are commited to your party's success. So, if the game turns out to be a "party pooper", contact us and we'll exchange it with another game of your choice, or refund your purchase (more...)

Party tested, great looking & easy to play games. Immediate download of PDF file, print it whenever you need, with minimal preparation.