Our Party Pooper Guarantee

Your party is our top priority. You want your party to be a huge hit, and so do we. So we do everything we can to make sure that our printable games are fun to play. In fact, we guarantee it!

Before we put a game in our site, we thoroughly testdrive it.

Yup, each game is put to the test in a real party setting (always a great excuse to have a party!) to see if we can make it better, to knock out any game flaws, or add things to make it even more fun.

We can honestly say that we do our best to make them the best.

Sometimes the games just doesn't pan out though...

Not every party is the same, and people are different. So the game may just turn out not to be right for your party. Or a flaw did manage to squeeze through.

It happens!

If it happens, we want to know about it. So we can make it better!

If any of our games turns out to be a 'party pooper'... please let us know, and we'll replace it with another game of your choice. Or, if you don't want that, we'll refund the price.

Just drop us a line at Customer Service, mention that you want to use the "Party Pooper Guarantee", and (most importantly) please share with us why you feel the game didn't do it for your party. You're not obliged to do so, but it's invaluable information that helps use learn and improve.

In return, we'll replace or refund. Guaranteed.