Super Bowl Party Game: Can You Predict the Not so Obvious...

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Are your guests true Super Bowl afficionados? Then they should have no trouble in predicting the more common statistics for this year's Super Bowl.

To make it a real challenge for them, we came up with 20 things to predict... things that aren't as obvious. And perhaps even a matter of chance, so that those who know less of American Football, still can win!

How it's played

Each player gets a printed sheet with 20 questions to fill out.

You can form teams to play, or let your guests play individually. The team or individual with the most correct answers wins.

Ready to kick-off the fun?

Preparations are easy

After downloading the game document, print out as many sheets (of the version of your choice) as you need. If you want to entice some real competition, get some prizes for the winner(s).

Try to get some Super Bowl collectibles through Ebay, always a great choice, but make sure that you can get them in time!

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Super Bowl 2019 Predictions Answers

Unfortunately, I missed part of the game due to an unexpected emergency and I do not know the answer to number 17.  If someone knows how many tackles there were in the 1st quarter and can let me know here, I will add the answer to the list and be so appreciative.

1. The Rams

2. The Patriots

3. The Patriots

4. Yes

5. No

6. No

7. Michel Sony

8. Julian Edelman

9. The Patriots

10. The Patriots

11. The Rams

12. The Rams

13. The Patriots

14. The Patriots

15. 1 Recovered (0 Lost)

16. The Rams (intercepted Brady's first pass)

17. ???

18. No

19. Yes

20. Hyundai

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