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Bridal Shower Mad Libs Wedding Story, featuring Bride & Groom

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Bridal Shower Mad Libs Wedding Story

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Let your party guests provide the names, words, and phrases (without knowing how they will be used), and this bridal shower mad libs style game will turn it in a very personal and very funny story, starring the bride and groom!

How it's played

There are a couple of ways to do this... obviously, it starts with the list with names, verbs, nouns, adjectives (no worries, the terms are explained if the definition has eluded you temporarily) to fill in.

You can either ask the group to provide the words, or let the visitors fill it in individually. Then, when the list is filled in completely, transfer the words in the gaps of the story provided. If you have one story, read it to the group. If you have multiple versions, read back the ones that struck you as the most funny.

Since the bride and groom star in this story, for sure they'll want to have the finished story as a keepsake.

Preparations are easy

After downloading the document, print out as many sheets as you need of both the word list, and the story page to copy the words on.

It will take a bit of time to copy the words into the story, so make sure you plan a few minutes where you have the time to do this.

Buy Now  Price: $5.99

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