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Romantic Movies Rebus Game

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Your guests will compete to decipher 15 picture puzzles depicting popular romantic movies. Can they do it?

Participants are given 15 rebus puzzles for which they have to determine the titles of romantic movies.

Example: A bride and groom (at their wedding) image plus an image of a singer equals The Wedding Singer!

Game includes an answer key.

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How it's played

The game includes 15 picture puzzles that hint at the titles of romantic movies. Your guests, either by themselves or in teams, must name the correct movies.

For each correctly named movie title, a point is awarded. Most points win.

Preparations are easy

Print out enough sheets to hand out. Make sure you have some extra pens available. To add to the fun, buy some prizes to hand out to the winner(s).

Buy Now  Price: $5.99

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