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Awake your inner Zorba! In this printable trivia game, the winner is the one
who can name the most Greek words that are used in every day English.

Greek words in English Printable Trivia Game

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Having a toga party? Then this printable trivia game is just the perfect entertainment for your guests. They'll be surprised how many Greek words are used in everyday English.

How it's played: Each player is handed out a sheet where Greek words are described in plain English.

The player with the most correct answers wins.

Here's an example:

After many years of pampering, the spoiled socialite had become annoyingly vain, and self-centered. Due to this excessive self-love and self-admiration, she was often referred to as a... ?


Preparations are easy: Print out as many sheets as you need. To add to the fun, buy some prizes... maybe some plates the winner can smash while the rest dance the Zirtaki! Hoppa!

We are commited to your party's success. So, if the game turns out to be a "party pooper", contact us and we'll exchange it with another game of your choice, or refund your purchase (more...)

Party tested, great looking & easy to play games. Immediate download of PDF file, print it whenever you need, with minimal preparation.

Buy Now  Price: $5.99


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