Fun Family Scavenger Hunt - Bet you didn't know That about your Relatives!

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Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt

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Learn more about your family, as you hunt for the signatures of your family members that fit the profile. Be strategic about it, every family member can sign only once!

How it's played

The player's goal is to get the signature of one family member for each of 30 scenarios. This sounds easier than it really is, as each family member can sign only once, but could match on several of the scenarios.

You might learn a thing ore two about your family members... maybe the person with a tattoo is that posh aunt you least expect it from?

Set a time limit on how long your family has to collect signatures. The winner is the person who gets a full page of signatures first. But, in case no-one reaches this goal, the winner is the person with the most signatures when the time limit runs out.

Preparations are easy

After downloading the document, print out as many sheets as you need. Since not everyone may have a pen or pencil on them, make sure you have plenty of extra pens that you can hand out.

To add to the fun, get some prizes for the winner(s).

Buy Now  Price: $5.99

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