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Elf Christmas Game

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sELF Aware Elf Christmas Game

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*** Party Tested ***

The answer to each scenario in this printable Christmas trivia game has the word ELF or ELVES in it. How many ELF words can you correctly identify?

How it's played

Let your party members play by themselves or in groups. Each player (or group of players) get one sheet with 12 written scenarios.

Each of these sceanrios describe a word that has the word ELF (or its plural version) in it. So the instructions are simple... what's the word, and does it fit this simple rule: part of the word is ELF or ELVES.

The player(s) with the most correct words WINS!

Preparations are easy

Just print out as many sheets as you need to accommodate your party. You can hand out the sheets (1 per player or group), and let all players add their answers to the sheet.

Or, you could call each sentence out loud, and score points for the first person who calls out the correct word.

Buy Now  Price: $5.99

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