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Bridal Shower Purse Scavenger Hunt

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Bridal Shower Purse Scavenger Hunt

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This bridal shower purse scavenger hunt is a fun icebreaker that's easy to prepare and play.  All you need is a copy of the game for each guest or team and you're ready to begin.

How it's played

To play the game, decide whether guests will play individually or in teams.  Generally we recommend playing in teams so that those with small purses or no purses can participate too (eg. they can manage their team's checklist while the others hunt through their purses).  If the guest list is small then you may prefer to have guests play individually.

Set a time limit. It is unlikely any team will have all the items anyway, but a time limit provides and end time and incentive to hunt as quickly as possible.

When you pass out the hunts, have teams keep their lists face down till you give the word.  That way no one gets a head start.

Ready, set, HUNT!

The game includes 5 point levels with items like a comb scoring 1 point and an hotel receipt scoring 10. The winner won't necessarily be the guest who has the most items in her purse.  Point value factors in too. Every person (or team) has an equal chance of winning. Everyone has more fun that way!

Preparations are easy

After downloading the bridal shower purse scavenger hunt document, print enough copies to give one to each team (or individual). You may want to have a calculator handy to tally scores in case any individuals or teams aren't good with numbers. 

Buy Now  Price: $4.99

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