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Brides versus Grooms - Bridal Shower Newlywed Game

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Coed Bridal Shower Newlywed Challenge style Game

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The best sign of a good relationship is that you really know each other. In this game, the couples are put to the test... do they know what answer their partner will give? The couple that knows each other best, wins the game!

How it's played

In this bridal shower newlywed style game, you start with choosing 2 or more couples to play. Then ask each couple to predict what their final score will be (out of a possible 75). Have them record their predictions of index cards.

Send the women out of the room

Ask the first 3 questions to the men and let them record their answer clearly on large index cards or cardstock paper. Then bring the women back, and ask the same 3 questions. As the women answer, the men will reveal their answer. 5 points for each matching answer.

Now, the men will leave the room

The remaining 4 questions are asked to the women, and written down. The men come back in the room, and try to match their parther's answer.

The couple that has the most points, wins!

For the first 3 questions, award 10 points when the answers match. For the last question award 15 point for each part of that 2 part question.

In case of a tie, the couple that best predicted their score, is the overall winner.

Preparations are easy

After downloading the bridal shower newlywed game document, print out the question sheet twice (so you have a spare copy). Make sure you have a stack of index cards or cardstock paper, and a couple of permanent markers to write the answer down.

Buy Now  Price: $5.99

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