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Scary Halloween Games...

Fun for the Not So
Faint of Heart

re you hosting a spooky soiree this Halloween season? These scary Halloween games will add some spine-chilling fun to your party – and test the bravery level of your guests, too!

Ghost Hunters

Enlist a volunteer to dress as a ghost and hide somewhere in the house then have guests search in all the dark nooks and crannies (closets, attic, basement, etc) to find the evil apparition.

Scary Ghost of a girlThe hunter who discovers the ghost cannot scream or the ghost can re-hide in a new location, taking the screamer captive.

Another fun variation of this game is Ghost Hunter tag. The “ghost” is “it”, and all the hunters must capture the ghost before he (or she) captures them. If touched first, the hunter is thrown into the scary cavern until all hunters are caught or the ghost is captured, whichever comes first. For a younger crowd, you may choose to make this a Halloween version of Frozen Tag by having the hunters freeze when touched by the ghost. Players can be “unfrozen” when touched by another hunter, but they must do this while also eluding the ghost.

This game is best if played outside on a dark night, but young children will also have fun indoors.

Missing Body Parts

Make up a story about the previous owner of your home (or any other appropriate scenario) having been killed and dismembered. His spirit has walked around tormented for the past several years and the only way to put him to rest is to find all his missing body parts so they can be buried together. Fill a witches cauldron with a thick murky brew and have guest put their hands in the slimy mixture to pull out squishy and decomposed eyeballs, fingers, or even the dead man's heart.

Another popular variation is to fill bags with squishy foods such as cold spaghetti, peeled grapes, or canned dog food and have blindfolded guests feel the items to see if they can identify the body parts.

Ding Dong! the Witch is...

Witch Trivia Sample page

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How it's played: 18 descriptions of famous movie an TV witches are given, and your party guests can score points for providing the name of the famous witch and/or the actress that played the part.

For example, what witch is a troubled girl with suicidal tendencies who discovers her supernatural powers after moving to Los Angeles and joining a coven in The Craft? Answer: Sarah Baile, played by Robin Tunney.


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