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Halloween Party Game Ideas

Enchant Your Guests


ou can make your Halloween party memorable by choosing the right Halloween party game ideas for your crowd. Whether you are hosting adults, teens, or young children, a few fun activities will keep the guests busy and entertained for hours.

Halloween Party Guests

  • INTRODUCE ME -While this game is fun at any point during the evening, it also makes a great icebreaker. As each guest arrives, give them the name of a character associated with Halloween. Gather everyone together and have each person give a clue about who they are. For example, the guest who is given Casper the Ghost may say, “I am very personable” or “my good friend is Wendy.”

    The first person to correctly guess the identity wins a point. Award a prize to the guest who earns the most points. Depending on the characters chosen, this game is appropriate for several age groups.

  • HALLOWEEN RELAYS -Relays are quick, simple, and a great way to get everyone moving. Use chopsticks to carry wrapped chocolate eyeballs across the room, or set up a witch relay where guests have to put on a cape and hat and fly on a broom through an obstacle course.

  • BOBBING FOR APPLES - This is a classic Halloween favorite and is popular with both children and adults. For a fun variation, hang the apples on strings from the ceiling and have participants try to eat the fruit without using their hands.

  • PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST - No Halloween is complete without a little artistic pumpkin carving. Give each person or team a pumpkin and have them work their magic within a specified time period. Or, you could have everyone bring their finished work of art with them and then display the carvings on a table to be judged by guests. Make things a little more interesting by using various sizes and colors. For example, small white pumpkins can be stacked to make an scary owl or evil snowman.

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