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  • Haunted MansionBUILD THE SKELETON - Give each team a bag of bones and have them race to reassemble the skeleton. As a variation, you can hide the parts (color coded for each team) and send guests on a quest to find all the bones and then scramble to put them together before their competitors.

  • NAME THAT COCKTAIL - Make samples of popular Halloween themed cocktails such as Bayou Slime, Purple People Eaters, or Alien Autopsy and see which guests can correctly identify the most drinks. You can choose to do this strictly by appearance or you may want to offer small single-sip cups so guest can also taste the cocktails.

  • PIN THE BODY PART - Although this is a common children's games, some teens (and maybe even adults after the Name the Cocktail game) also enjoy this popular classic. Give it a Halloween theme by designing or purchasing Pin the Wart on the Witch, Pin the Tooth on the Skull, Pin the Eyeball on the Zombie, or Pin the Fangs on the Vampire.

  • HALLOWEEN CHARADES OR PICTIONARY - You can design your own version of these popular party games to make them appropriate for you crowd and age group, or you can use printable cards that include categories such as Halloween movies, music, or props.

  • PRINTABLE GAMES - There are a lot of great printable Halloween games that can be adapted for several age groups such as Halloween Bingo, Sudoku puzzles, or timed challenges like Match the Villain to the Movie and Match the Song to the Artist. And if you're willing topay a modest amount, you can use any of the printable halloween games we have on offer!

  • GLOW IN THE DARK PUMPKIN BOWLING - This is a fun outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy. Wrap your pins and pumpkin balls with glow sticks or use glow-in-the-dark stickers and have teams compete for the prize of a candy filled jack-o-lantern. You can also play glow-in-the-dark bocce ball or use a jack-o-lantern beach ball to play a nighttime game of volleyball.

Whatever Halloween party game ideas you choose, adding a few age appropriate activities will make your gathering both fun and memorable – and maybe a little scary, too!

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