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More Halloween Games to Play...

Name that Song

Play clips of scary songs or quotes from horror movies and see who can correctly identify the title, artist, or movie. Increase the fear factor by turning out the lights or creating a creepy atmosphere so the wicked laughs and evil voices will be extra chilling.

Stage It!

Divide guests into teams and give each group a bag of props that they can use to stage a scary scene. Or, tell them ahead of time so they can bring their own accessories from home. Depending on your facilities, you can decide if you want to allow music, sound effects, or actors. Remember to take pictures! They w ill make great keepsakes for the scrapbook.

Scary Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are always a party favorite, but a Halloween hunt in the dark just may have your guests trembling in their boots. If you have a larger area (or a younger crowd) you can set the hunt up on your own property, sending teams on a quest for items where they will meet a few scary surprises along the way. Add to the effect by playing some eerie music and spooky noises, or startle the players by having real people jump out from dark hidden places.

A video or camera hunt is also a fun variation. Guests must travel the neighborhood and complete a list of requirements such as asking a vampire to pose for a picture or recording a witch singing the Addams Family theme song.

Halloween Board Games

When you create the right atmosphere, scary Halloween board games can be truly spine-chilling. The DVD interactive game AtmosFear will have players facing their greatest fear, or Mansion of Madness will send investigators on a hunt for clues while encountering monsters, creepy creatures, and unusual events. Clue is a great choice for a younger crowd – or those who are a little more faint of heart.

Halloween Trivia

Witch Trivia

Witch Trivia Game

Are your party guests real witch
buffs? Test their knowledge of
these famous witches...

Can they name both the
characters and the actresses
that played them?

Test your guests knowledge of vampires and witches with some scary Halloween trivia. These also make great icebreakers or may serve as clues for other games such as Name That Movie or Song.

These Halloween games to play will help you set the atmosphere for your party and make sure you create all the ghoulish, goosebump raising fun expected of a Halloween event.


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