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Friends having fun at the beach

Beach Party

Of course, one of the most popular summer party themes is the beach party. Whether it is at an actual beach or around a backyard pool, everyone loves the water on a hot summer day. Play frisbee, beach volleyball, have a sand castle building contest, or inner tube water races. Keep drinks chilling in coolers or ice-filled kiddie pools and prepare all the food ahead of time so you can soak up the sun and spend time with guests.

Ice Cream Social

Hosting an ice cream social is a popular – and much easier – alternative to preparing an entire meal. Either set up one large buffet table or have several smaller theme-oriented stations (ie. Fruit, candy, hot toppings, exotic flavors, etc.). You may even want to ask everyone to bring a topping and award a prize for the most creative contribution.

Guests can be entertained with some printable ice cream trivia challenges, blindfolded taste tests/guess the flavor, or an ice cream eating contest. Try a sundae making relay or send kids on a scavenger hunt to find the “keys” to unlocking their favorite topping.

Casual Cocktail Party

While there is no need for fancy gowns and tuxedoed waiters, summertime still has some amazingly delicious cocktails that should be savored and shared. And, getting together with good friends is the perfect excuse to indulge in a sweet pina colada, watermelon martini, or a fruity daiquiris topped with one of those cute little umbrellas.

As a host, keep it simple by mixing up large pitchers of your favorite drinks, and serve platters of finger foods such as dips, crackers, cheese, and fruit. Play cards, charades, cocktail trivia, or print off some “conversation starters” party cards that will have guests answering interesting questions such as, “If I had a million dollars I would.....” or “If I could switch places with a famous person it would be.....”

Summertime is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and let Mother Nature provide the decorations and scenery. For a few months of the year, hot dogs are considered fancy hors d'oeuvres, bathing suits are appropriate evening attire, and sand pails make the perfect centerpieces and serving bowls.

So, embrace the season with casual and simple summer party ideas that mean minimal preparation... so you can fully relax and spend more time with family and friends.


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