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1 Day Before Shower

  • Decorate. Remember to create a seat of honor for the bride-to-be.

  • Pick up the cake or add the finishing touches if you made it yourself.

  • Set up tables and chairs.

  • Prepare any menu items that can be done ahead of time.

  • Confirm with any co-hostesses or others assisting with the shower to make sure their jobs are completed.

  • Make sure that you have all materials for the games gathered and organized.

  • Clean your house (if applicable).

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Bridal Shower Day

  • Pick up any food orders or fresh items.

  • Set up the games.

  • Set up the food and drink table. Set out plates, cups, condiments, food trays, napkins, and any other items that do not need refrigeration.

  • Set out guest book.

  • Make sure there is a garbage bag near the gift table so wrapping paper can be quickly and easily gathered.

  • Make sure there is a garbage bag or pail that is easily accessible for guests to dispose of any paper products.

  • Make sure the person responsible for keeping a list of gifts has a notebook and pen.

  • Set out favors.

  • Set our your camera.

  • Review party plan and timeline with co-hostesses and review jobs so everyone knows their tasks and responsibilities.

  • Have fun!


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