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3-4 Weeks Before Shower

  • Address and send out invitations.

  • Order the cake.

  • Order the fFlowers (if applicable).

  • Purchase favors and prizes.

  • Finalize the menu. Confirm with the caterer, restaurant, or individuals bringing food regarding specific items being served/prepared.

  • Make a shopping list for food and drinks. You may want to purchase difficult to find items at this point so you know that you have what you need.

  • Purchase decorations, paper goods, and other party items such as centerpieces, balloons, streamers, plates, napkins, and utensils.

  • Decide on games and activities. Make a list of supplies and prizes needed and purchase these items about 2-4 weeks before the shower.

  • Order rentals (if you have not already done so). Remember to include such things as tables, chairs, or linens.

  • Buy your shower gift for the bride-to-be.

  • Buy a guest book and/or notebook for recording gifts.

  • Create a party plan. Decide on the order of events, create an approximate timeline, and determine who will be responsible for specific tasks such as greeting guests at the door, serving drinks, keeping a list of gifts received, etc.

  • ________________________________

  • ________________________________

  • ________________________________

1 Week Before Shower

  • Finalize guest count. Confirm RSVPs, call any guests who have not responded, inform caterer or those preparing food of the final numbers.

  • Confirm any food and rental orders as well as delivery date and/or pick-up time.

  • Confirm reservations or caterer.

  • Make sure your camera is working and ready.

  • Wrap your gift for the bride-to-be.

  • Buy any grocery items that can be purchased ahead of time.

  • Organize activity materials and print any printables such as games, game directions, name tags, labels etc.

  • Wrap prizes and prepare favors.

  • Choose the bridal shower music.

  • _________________________

  • _________________________

  • _________________________

Final Steps of Bridal Shower Check list...


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