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more homemade favors to make

Lip Balm

Combine beeswax with simple ingredients to create a lip balm that is both nourishing and deliciously fragrant. Add scented oils, a little honey, and even some cocoa butter to create your own signature flavor. Purchase tubes or small cosmetic jars, design a personalized label, and place in a mini box or organza bag.

Memo Box

These decorative little boxes of note sized papers with prop -up lids can be purchased for a reasonable price at most department stores. Use lace, material, or other accents to transform the top into an elegant photo frame and insert a special picture of the bride and groom. This same concept will also work beautifully for a memory box or card organizer.

Potpouri Sachet

Make or purchase sachets that complement the wedding color scheme and fill with loose tea and fillable tea bags, homemade potpourri, or dried herbs and spices.


Some say that music is the language of love and nothing expresses the heart quite like a beautiful song. Create a cd of popular love songs and be sure to include a few of the couple's favorite choices. You may even want to have a little fun by adding several “first dance” options and asking guests to visit the wedding webpage to vote on their favorite, with the winning song being revealed at the dinner reception.


Hand made jewelry is a perfect shower favor choice and can be personalized to fit the style of the bride-to-be, whether it is fun and funky, or elegant and classic. From brooches to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, homemade jewelry is a little time consuming, but the end result is definitely worth the effort.

Personal Items

A personal bridal shower calls for something a little more.....well, personal. Keep with the theme by giving homemade bath salts or oils, handmade scented soaps, or even some sensual edible body paint. Recipes are simple and most can be made with easy to find ingredients.

Homemade bridal shower favors to make your thank you gifts a surprising change from the typical and expected. It will add a thoughtful touch to your party!


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